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The true bias refers to the 45 degree angle that intersects the warp (length of grain) and the weft (cross grain) of a woven fabric. Every piece of woven fabric has two true biases perpendicular to each other. Though technically any diagonal cut that is not on the lengthwise or crosswise grain is a bias cut, in conventional usage when people refer to a bias cut they are usually talking about the true bias.


The bias of woven fabric offers both stretch and malleability, and can easily be molded to take shape. Therefore offering a forgiving fit.

What is the bias Cut ?...


Cut on the bias for an easy flow and comfortable stretch that skims the body.

Our Sizing...


As the slips are cut on the true bias our slips are

very forgiving. So for example if you are generally a size 8-10 then choose our size 8 and if you are normally a size 10 - 12 then pick our size 10 and so on and so forth. Please refer to size chart below.



Corstress London Bias Cut Lingerie Slips and accessories are made from the NEW and higher end of the Crinkled silky satin100% polyester fabric.All our chantilly French lace is also 100% Polyester. The Bias is the stretchest part of a fabric. Therefore allowing easy flow, comfortable stretch / fit that glides over the body offering a very luxe and forgiving fit.


Keep away from fire

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100% polyester


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